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it looks like a nintendo 64 game


Yes, It's understood that Sugar Rush in the film was made in 1997.


Great ! I dreamed of being able to find a game like this! I'm a big fan of wreck it Ralph and more precisely Sugar Rush! I think it's great that there's really all the racers! Thanks to the developer for this game! would you like to update or improve it? for example with power Up or improving the circuit ... Otherwise continue like this!


Vincesauce returns with Sugar Rush Superraceway in Blight Bundle:

hello, i love the game! but i was wondering, will you add items to use like the sweet seekers and the cherry bombs in a future update? or do you not update the game anymore? 

During the development time, I wanted to look for the script for power-ups for racing games, but I haven't found what I was looking for, apart from that I didn't know how to do it. Moreover, it doesn't make sense to keep updating because there is little to add to part of the aforementioned that can fit the game, and also it doesn't make sense to update it after the arrival of "Ralph Breaks the Internet", since the chronology of the fangame is between the first film and the sequel.

sugar rush

just that and it's already? you put an rating and you do not say anything about your experience, and you download something that you already have.

You let me know a few ways that there were 80 downloads yesterday. I was not responsible. It has been a week since I last tried to download it. The reason for the review is tells me to leave reviews, so I do. I use the downloader. Now I see there's quite an extensive series of download instructions when the has a simple download and install.

Oh, sorry. Well, in your review, you said that you try for a year, that exaggerated. Among those 80 failed downloads of yesterday, There will be people who have also had the same problem as you. The extensive instructions are based on downloads from browsers, they serve to make configurations and have the possibility to download from external link, I tried to do that, and it worked for me. So your problems were in the downloader of the itch app?  If you have the game and you get an error, it gives you the option to go to the file folder, but only when they are direct to the zip.



Yes, I watched this gameplay, thank you.

This game has been discovered by the ucranian family FF Gamers:


I can't download it

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Friend, read the instructions to download correctly:

1. Enter the links of IndieDB in case you don't work the other (where says download now). 

2. Remove the block of external links from your browser in order to access Google Drive (where the game is downloaded).



Really? Have you tried the game or not? You should have a PC before that 


How great? Did you get it downloaded after so many attempts?

No just one attempt but Idk how to download the second version and I can't find any tutorials

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Ok, I will help you the safest option to download version 1.2:

Enter the links of IndieDB which is below of  "enter these links as an alternative:" click, enter indieDB and download. (where says download now). After that, don't forget to extract the folder before playing.

Ty but idk how to extract it

Use a Winrar Zip program for example on file extration.