The Ultra-compressed file is available & easier to download

From the first moment, I added the downloads from external links in Google Drive, because at the time could only upload files up to 500 MB, but the problem is is that without noticing when clicking on the download the tab of the download link didn't appear, because the browser blocked it because it was "pop-ups", and many felt deceived by trying to download it and didn't know it was the browser that blocked the downloads. 

So I put alternative entries to the IndieDB links for those who didn't work the main links, and I even put instructions with detailed steps to adjust the browsers and can work properly downloads from external link, but not everyone paid attention, and still they continued to download in the worst way (especially the most impatient users), Until the date of this devlog, the game received a total of 3300 downloads, estimated from those 3300 downloads, almost half were fake downloads (many times by blocking browsers as "pop-ups").

That's why I have uploaded this ultra-compressed setup that's easy to download (only for Windows), I would have thought before and put it from the first moment, but I've put it at least in 2018, where the film of its provenance, Wreck-It Ralph, is again trend thanks to its next title, Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Sugar Rush Superraceway v1.2 (Windows) Ultra-compressed setup.exe 515 MB
Sep 26, 2018

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And although the direct download works better, until it suffers its attack of fake downloads, and the worst (24 times in September 30, 2018).