A downloadable game for Windows

Original release: 07/05/2015

ESP: El alien storm de Ofihombre, juego al estilo de Space invaders, mata a todos los aliens posibles antes de que te quedes sin vidas. ENG: The alien storm of Ofihombre, game like Space Invaders, kill all the aliens possible before you run out of lives.

Updated 21 days ago
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags16-bit, 2D, Aliens, GameMaker, rockets, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


GM- Alien storm.zip 6 MB
GM- Alien storm 2.0.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

1. You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

2. Unzip the file with WinRar, 7zip, etc.

3. Don't try to download in Firefox, because it is blocked from downloading games without monetization.


  • Left button: Left move
  • Rigth button: Rigth move
  • Ctrl: Shoot
  • (AS2.0) Enter: Pause game


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Hello, yes, I'm the developer. It's my developer logo/brand. This I have used it since 2020 during the development of the game Randy & Manilla.

Love the little squids. Gameplay wise, I think you should have a cooldown on the rockets and feedback for if you are damaging the target or not.

Keep it up

They Aren't squids, they are space octopuses. And yes, there are times when the missiles don't affect the enemy if you aren't well positioned and press the button too quickly, but it isn¡t very feasible to update a game that has been inactive for 4 years just to fix that detail.

hehe this game is very similar to my game atrox 2 cool :)

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Both atrox as alien storm look so much like other spaceshooters, but I did before atrox.