A downloadable game for Windows

Original release: 07/05/2015

ESP: El alien storm de Ofihombre, juego al estilo de Space invaders, mata a todos los aliens posibles antes de que te quedes sin vidas. ENG: The alien storm of Ofihombre, game like Space Invaders, kill all the aliens possible before you run out of lives.

Install instructions

You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

Left button: Left move

Rigth button: Rigth move

Ctrl: Shoot

(AS2.0) Enter: Pause game


GM- Alien storm.zip 6 MB
GM- Alien storm 2.0.zip 16 MB


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hehe this game is very similar to my game atrox 2 cool :)

(1 edit)

Both atrox as alien storm look so much like other spaceshooters, but I did before atrox.