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Eng: Damiux has dreamed of one of the greatest adventures of your life, avoiding obstacles, walking through abstract and labyrinthic stages and defeating the enemies with specific powers which should be gained during the long way.

Esp: Damiux ha soñado con una de las mayores aventuras de su vida, evitando obstáculos, paseando por escenarios abstractos y laberínticos y derrotando a los enemigos con poderes específicos que deberán ser conseguidos durante el largo camino.

Updated 21 days ago
Release date Oct 13, 2016
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags16-bit, Action-Adventure, Cute, Dreams, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, GameMaker, Retro, Robots, Space
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast


GM - Damiux Ferrer Dream (Bilingual Pack).zip 573 MB
GM- Damiux Ferrer Dream.zip 228 MB
GM- Damiux Ferrer Dream - English edition.zip 228 MB

Install instructions

1. You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

2. Click in download and his released, unzip the file

3. Don't try to download in Firefox, because it is blocked from downloading games without monetization.

Controles/ Controls:

- Enter: Pausa/ Pause
- Flecha arriba/ Up arrow button: Caminar al norte/ North walk
- Flecha izquierda/ Left button: Caminar a la izquierda/ Left walk
- Flecha derecha/ Rigth button: Caminar a la derecha/ Rigth walk
- Flecha abajo/ Down arrow button: Caminar al sur/ South walk
- Botón de ratón izquierdo/ Left mouse button: Pulsar botón/ Hablar/ Press/ Talk
- Botón 0/ Button 0: Piedra/ Stone
- Botón 1/ Button 1: Fuego/ Fire
- Botón 2/ Button 2: Rayo/ Thunder
- Botón 3/ Button 3: Láser/ Lazer
- Botón 4/ Button 4: Detonador Binario/ Binary detonator
- Botón 5/ Button 5: Rayo cósmico/ Cosmic beam

Development log


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Hi Ofihombre, I am glad you have your game Damiux Ferrer Dream in Bilingual Pack version. I am going to post this as well on your game page, it will be the same feedback here

Here is a gameplay walkthrough video for your game, and I would really be glad to see you join to my YouTube channel, we do have a lot of interesting things coming up soon that might interest developers as well as gamers.

Let us start;

♦ First of all, what catched me the most is the music and the sound tracks used in the game, that is uniqe qnd so dramatic, makes you want to play the game even more just by the sound (I am also trying to study sound design on my own, I can actually see how much this suits the game and lift the spirit of players, really well done!)

♦ As a first issue, starting from the very beginning, the game is not that responsive at all, the character get stuck sometimes and I have to press the arrow keys mutiple times to make him move, that actually annoyed me a lot and made me lose a lot of hearts. I have watched Vlad video as well, he has the same issue too.

♦ The game offers a lot of enemies and weapon types which is extremely good, but it is a shame that it is not responsive quickly, this can actually make players stop the game when they can not move the character that easy.

♦ The adventure mode is really nice, and as a suggestion, I would say your game starts with 2 or 3 large open areas where it takes time to find out the whormhole so you can progress inside the game, I would suggest to start the game in those narrow guided places that later the game introduce. The first few minutes if players can not understand what to do because they can not find the wrap point that easy, they might stop the game and never be able to explore what has the game to offer.

I really wish this helps out. Good luck and good day.

The Blue Forrest OST is so good, I enjoyed that a lot.


Hi Zakaria, thanks to play Damiux Ferrer Dream. I have read your tips and problems reported in the game. Part of this is because it was created on an outdated Game Maker engine in its lite version (that's why it bears the watermark).

A remake in a modern engine could solve all these problems.


hi. I made a video about your game.  It was fun. 

Hi vlad, thanks for playing Damiux Ferrer Dream.

i enjoyed it :)