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Eng: Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games. A strange kind of virtual environment with the inspiration of Wreck-It Ralph in a later post-apocalyptic era to Ready Player One.

Esp: Randy y Manilla es un juego en donde se descubre un misterioso ciber-universo cuántico albergado de Net-Cubes que contienen mundos virtuales con varios géneros de juegos. Un extraña especie de entorno virtual con inpiración a Rompe-Ralph en una época post-apocaliptica posterior a Ready Player One.

On the year 2142, In the mysterious interior of the quantum supercomputer created by Lambert Wilson, there is a cyber-universe surrounded by a brightly colored cubes called "Net-Cubes" that inside have a fantastic virtual worlds of pixelated structures, abstract and even in various ways. It is free from threats like hackers, cyber-spies and corporate and government organizations. But that doesn't mean that they have their own threats, such as the villain of the red Net-Cube, "Cracksom Virus" a dominant virus that puts all Net-Cubes in danger of being permanently eliminated to be able to expand his empire of computing corruption to the real world left by humans.

Then a message algorithm called "E-Mailer" arrives at the world of "Bloxland Qubitown", the home of Randy and Manilla, giving them an urgent notice that the entire cyber-universe is in a big danger of being destroyed by Cracksom, because he knows that they are the only ones who can stop their great threat, and they accepted the mission and they will embark on a great adventure about the different Net-Cubes, but E-Mailer will also accompany and open them portals to access the new worlds.

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Install instructions

You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

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Ratón/Mouse: Rotar cámara/nave Rotate camera/ship

Botón izquierdo del ratón/Left Mouse Button: Pulsar botón/girar la cámara/disparar fuego
Press Button/Turn camera/Shoot fire

1/2: Activar los poderes de Manilla/ Activate Manilla Power-Ups

X/Z: Kick/Glitch-port/Shoot fire

Botón intermedio/Middle mouse buttón: Zoom/ Acelerar/Frenar nave
Trottle/Brake ship

Botones de las Flechas o WASD /Arrow button or WASD: Mover nave/personaje / Move ship/character

Space/ Espacio: Saltar/ Siguiente diálogo/ Jump/ Next dialogue

E: Diálogos/ Dialogs

Esc: Menú de Pausa/ Pause Menu


Randy & Manilla - Special Alpha Demo (+ Artwork).zip 149 MB
Randy & Manilla - Alpha Demo.zip 225 MB

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