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Eng: Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games. A strange kind of virtual environment with the inspiration of Wreck-It Ralph in a later post-apocalyptic era to Ready Player One.

Esp: Randy y Manilla es un juego en donde se descubre un misterioso ciber-universo cuántico albergado de Net-Cubes que contienen mundos virtuales con varios géneros de juegos. Un extraña especie de entorno virtual con inpiración a Rompe-Ralph en una época post-apocaliptica posterior a Ready Player One.

On the year 2142, In the mysterious interior of the quantum supercomputer created by Lambert Wilson, there is a cyber-universe surrounded by a brightly colored cubes called "Net-Cubes" that inside have a fantastic virtual worlds of pixelated structures, abstract and even in various ways. It is free from threats like hackers, cyber-spies and corporate and government organizations. But that doesn't mean that they have their own threats, such as the villain of the red Net-Cube, "Cracksom Virus" a dominant virus that puts all Net-Cubes in danger of being permanently eliminated in their favor and expanding their empire of computing corruption.

Then a message algorithm called "E-Mailer" arrives at the world of "Bloxland Qubitown", the home of Randy and Manilla, giving them an urgent notice that the entire cyber-universe is in a big danger of being destroyed by Cracksom, urging and begging to be their heroes, and they accepted the mission and they will embark on a great adventure about the different Net-Cubes, but E-Mailer will also accompany and open them portals to access the new worlds.

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Install instructions

You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

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For Pre-Alpha: (¡AVISO!: Solo funciona en Windows 10. Para los usuarios con Windows 7 y 8, se requiere de una actualización debido a un error del tipo api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll)


Ratón/Mouse: Rotar cámara/nave Rotate camera/ship

Botón izquierdo del ratón/Left Mouse Button: Pulsar botón/girar la cámara/disparar fuego
Press Button/Turn camera/Shoot fire

1/2: Activar los poderes de Manilla/ Activate Manilla Power-Ups

X/Z: Kick/Glitch-port/Shoot fire

Botón intermedio/Middle mouse buttón: Zoom/ Acelerar/Frenar nave
Trottle/Brake ship

Botones de las Flechas o WASD /Arrow button or WASD: Mover nave/personaje / Move ship/character

Space/ Espacio: Saltar/ Siguiente diálogo/ Jump/ Next dialogue

E: Diálogos/ Dialogs

Esc: Menú de Pausa/ Pause Menu


Randy & Manilla - Alpha Demo.zip 225 MB
Randy & Manilla - Pre-Alpha Demo.zip 67 MB

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