A downloadable game for Windows

Original release: 17/06/2015

Esp: Ayuda a Vanellope von Schweetz a ganar la carrera recorriendo las pista del dulce juego, este juego es una versión 2D vertical del sugar rush, contiene 2 modos de juego, el modo grand prix y el modo arcade.

Eng: Helps Vanellope von Schweetz to win the race by walking the runway sweet game, this game is a vertical 2D version of the sugar rush, it contains 2 game modes, the grand prix mode and arcade mode.

Install instructions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION!: You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

Left mouse button: Click a button

Arrow button: To move

Space: Glitch (No abuse this option, or you will be too easy)


Sugar rush sprinter V0.5.zip 123 MB
Sugar rush sprinter V0.7.zip 132 MB


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