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Original release: 03/08/2014

Spanish: una versión inversa del street racing al estilo sugar rush, consigue puntos hiendo marcha atrás antes de que te choques con los contrincantes.

English: a reverse version of street racing with sugar rush style, earn points up going back down before you clashes with opponents

Install instructions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! (*DON'T JUMP this instructions, READ carefully please, I'M REALLY SERIOUS!):

*You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

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Press any button to start

Arrow buttons: Drive


Character selector:

1- Vanellope

2- Taffyta

3- Candlehead

4- Gloyd

5- Snowanna

6- Jubileena

7- Citrusella

8- King Candy

9- Wreck-it-Ralph

0- Fix-it-Felix

S- Mario

Music change:

Q- Sugar rush 16-bit (by Big Al)

W- Original (by AKB48)


Sugar rush street racing.exe 33 MB
Sugar rush street racing V2.0.exe 42 MB


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1. Don't try to download with a precarious Internet connection.

2. Never try to download it on incompatible devices with this program (for example, Android phones, because is .exe, not .apk)