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ESP: Vanellope Sweet Adventures es el juego spin-off de Rompe-Ralph (Película). Un juego en donde Vanellope Von Schweetz se da por una aventura peligrosamente dulce y digitalizada para salvar a Rompe-Ralph (Y también a Pac-Man, Sonic y Mario) del plan de venganza de Turbo.

Eng: Vanellope Sweet Adventures is the game spin-off of Wreck-it-Ralph (Movie). A game where Vanellope Von Schweetz is given by a dangerously sweet and digitized adventure to save Wreck-it-Ralph (And also Pac-Man, Sonic and Mario) from the Turbo's plan revenge.

Install instructions

You needed a Windows computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.


Left mouse button: Click/ Talk

Left arrow button: Left move

Rigth arrow button: Rigth move

Up arrow button: Jump

Enter: Pause game

Space: Glitch


Vanellope Sweet Adventures v1.3.zip 208 MB
Vanellope Sweet Adventures v1.1.zip 208 MB
Vanellope sweet adventures.zip 207 MB

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