A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Eng: Vloxelworld is a First Person RPG game, with graphics of voxels. This game is the first to be developed by the motor RPG in a Box.

Esp: Vloxelworld es un videojuego RPG en primera persona, con gráficos de vóxeles. Este juego es el primero en ser desarrollado por el motor RPG in a Box.

Install instructions

1. You needed a Windows (Win10 for the Pre-beta v0.7), Mac & Linux computer with mouse and keyboard to download and to play.

2. Unzip the file with WinRar, 7zip, etc.


  • Space: Next/ Speak/ Attack
  • Left mouse button: Check/ Click/ Attack
  • Rigth mouse button: Rotate camera/ Use item
  • W/ Up arrow button: Move forward
  • S/ Down arrow button: Move back
  • A/D/ Left & Rigth arrow button: Rotate
  • I: Inventory
  • M: Minimap
  • T: End Turn
  • Esc: Pause Menu


Vloxelworld Pre-beta 0.7.zip 237 MB
Vloxelworld alpha v0.6.zip 119 MB
Vloxelworld alpha v0.3.zip 18 MB
Vloxelworld alpha v0.2.zip 18 MB

Development log


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This game has been discovered by the germany user TheSuperSiemens, popular of your gameplays of Star Wars Mods for Minecraft:

looks cool